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Units 2 & 3 Mayfield Industrial Park, Liverpool Road, Irlam, Manchester M44 6GD

Safe Straw

Introducing Safe Straw! 

"No more lost straws"

The “Permanently” attached dual action spray actuator specially developed for the Food Processing Industry!

Safe Straw - Eliminates the detachable straw, button & lid used by conventional aerosols suppliers.  Reducing the risk of undetected contaminants entering food processing areas.  

Safe Straw – Has a “Dual Action Spray” simple to use with one hand - Flip up for precision spray  - Flip down to spray wide areas

Safe Straw – Is Quick, Economical and Easy to use

Safe Straw – The most Audit Compliant Aerosol Mako-Lube Lubricants has ever produced


Safe Straw further enhances the Food-Tek Food Industry Maintenance Aerosol range which offers:-

  • Market leading Quality & Performance
  • NSF Registered products
  • Colour Coding for Health & Safety and Compliance
  • Allergen, Halal, Kosher, Gluten, Vegan, Vegetarian Compliant
  • Full Audit & Conformance review & support
  • Fair Pricing - Guaranteed Value for Money